What is sales funnel

What is sales funnel??

Many of us may be hearing this name which is good news for us because it is one kind of way of digital marketing and also as the backbone in this marketing platform. By this technique you can get your buyers with filter effect types.

It is a matter of fact that we are doing this by knowing? Or just by hearing from others?

Some page owners also done this by hearing from others as a result they found some penalty.

What is sales Funnel:
What is sales funnel


In few words sales Funnel is such a thing as we fill up oil in a bottle through funnel and the oil slowly fills the bottle, marketing is also like this funnel. Here also you have to get your customer slowly. You can’t say the buyer to buy from you rather than you have to say it with step by step.

Let’s take an example:

You have to sell a phone, so you have to present an article in your Page or Blog with paid promotion. After you find the buyers or viewers you have to present your posts to them with offers with paid promotions.

So what is done here? At first you show your skills to others and then you are telling to buy phones from you which is effective technique.

Where is the matter of fact:

Matter of fact is patience. Sales Funnel is not magic that instantly after giving post the buyers come suddenly. Sales Funnel comes from credibility, at first you have to achieve the trust of the buyers then offer them for your products then slowly you can achieve your goals. What do you think? Can you achieve the buyers at first attempt? I don’t think so.

Here you have to spent more times to achieve trust, create new content and send those content to your buyers which is important.

You have to memorize that the first step for Sales Funnel is important.

As for instance,

You are selling a phone which is cost at 70-80 thousands taka. Now you show your post to those buyers who’s budget is less than your mentioned cost or worse, so is it okay for you by getting those buyers who’s budget is less than your mentioned price? Those buyers just will see your post but can’t be able to buy it.

so, you have to keep patient and spent times in this platform.

in the above discussion i have mantioned patient which means in article writing it is not enough to write one or two content which is a common process. you have to keep practising it regularly. At first the result may be low or zero but by the time being it will be effective for your skill. then you can achieve your goals with your expectation.


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