7 ways to increase the promotion and spread of Facebook pages

7 ways to increase the promotion and spread of Facebook pages!

For some time now, you may have noticed that the promotion and spread of your Facebook pages is not as expected. You may also have received complaints that fans are not getting any new posts on your Facebook pages timeline. But you are constantly going through new posts from your Facebook pages. So where is the problem?

Let’s know the details of Facebook marketing!

Facebook changes their algorithms every year to make their ad business profitable. Last year, Facebook made some changes to their algorithm. Because of this, if the owners of the page do not promote any of their posts by spending money, then only 18 out of every 100 fans of that page will see his post. The problem is that in the last few days, the rate has come down to 5 percent.

Yes, that’s right. Facebook has stepped up to make their ad business profitable. If you don’t buy ads with money, now it is difficult to spread the word about the post. But there is another problem. Under the new rules, you will not be able to take advantage of the promotion for your page’s posts until the number of fans on your page reaches 400. Therefore, you need to first run the ad to increase the number of fans on the page, then again you have to spend by running the ad again to reach those fans.

While this may be convenient for those big fanbase companies, the question may arise as to how profitable this Facebook ad is for a small fanbase-rich business. So you need to allocate your budget properly. As much as you are investing in Facebook in the hope of spreading the word, the expected results may not come. So isn’t something better than Facebook marketing possible?

No, that’s wrong. The right steps at the right time can also bring you the desired success from marketing on Facebook! Let’s learn about some of the strategies.

Working with content:

How much your post will spread will depend a lot on the quality of the post. There is no substitute for a well-informed but easy post to attract people. But there is one thing to keep in mind – in no way does the post look like it’s an advertisement. If you keep these two things in mind while creating content, your post can become popular!

Encourage followers to get updates

Whenever the posts on your page become attractive to people, or the product you sell may be a favorite of the people, you can try to subscribe to it if you want.

To invest some amount of money:

You can try to promote some of your best products on Facebook through advertisements. Trying to promote every post on the page by spending money will not be a good thing financially. Still, at least some posts should be promoted to see how it works.

Experiment with the type of post: 

Suppose you always post videos from your page. Sometimes you can see what happens by sharing pictures! It is also important to keep track of when you are posting, how many people are watching or will watch. And you can keep in mind the size of the picture, the content of the picture and any other post that got rich. You can use it while giving any next post.

With the link of your online store on the Facebook page:

If you want, you can give your online store, website link on the Facebook page. When people on your page search for your product, they often get lost. To make this easier for them, you can add the Online Store tab to the cover image of your Facebook page.

Promotion through Facebook group:

Nowadays, Facebook group is one of the hangouts. You can make more people aware by posting about your product in different Facebook groups if you want. It is best to promote your product in groups of products that are similar to yours. It is better if you can engage the users by asking a question or discussing a general product.

Giving too much importance to mobile:

About 80 percent of people use Facebook mobile. So the content or links that are more suitable for mobile will undoubtedly get good publicity. So during the post promotion, take a look at how it will look on desktop, mobile different platforms.

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